The Bluebird Fairy

Hello Friends of Bluebird Fairies,

I hope you're doing well.

Since some of you are still new to my story I decided to take a moment to share this version of the Bluebird story with you. 

At Art Hop this story was hand written on a big piece of green paper and hung so people passing through our studio could read it at their leisure. When I got started writing it my many prepared words needed to be whittled down. I like the result.

Bluebird Fairy.jpg


"Thank you for stopping in! My name is Emily Anderson.

Three years ago I exhibited these fairies for the first time to see how people would respond to them.  I also wanted to see if I could talk about my personal process for making them and not feel silly.   So far so good!

It's important to know that all my drawings are created with my non-dominant hand.  I feel this allows me to be better at accurately naming and illustrating what I'm feeling. It also relieves me of needing to do it 'perfect.'

The work started with naming and drawing the difficult things in my life which I called "Demons."

Here are some of the early ones:

The key to the 'demon work' was realizing an 'antidote' to the demon needed to be thought of and written down next to it.  This diminishes its power immediately. This positive step led me to drawing 'fairies". I'd think of something that had helped me during the day.  Sometimes it was something someone said.  Sometimes it was a feeling or a moment.  Here are few fairies:

63 of my fairies are now in a deck I use to do Fairy Card Readings.  These are conversations based on 3 cards you randomly pick from a deck.  They don't tell the future; they center you in your positive present.  People use the decks for their personal daily practices too!

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So, there's a bit of the story.  I still draw every day and know it makes such a difference in my life.  

I hope you can take time to connect in with yourself whether in a quiet space inside a nice building or out in nature sometime soon.

Much LOVE to all of you!!

Emily and the Bluebird Fairies