Weekly Food from the Farm

Ah, here she is. 

And this is what she meant to me when I drew her.

A few years ago I took two years off from full-time employment.  I had some income coming in and a savings account that held a VERY, VERY thin cushion of comfort for me.

I’d moved to a house out in the country and, it turned out, I knew the farmers around the corner who had a big organic farm and a weekly CSA.  (Community supported agriculture program)

For three summers (and two winters) I bought shares from Full Moon Farm. Every time I gathered together the hundreds of dollars to pay them up front it hurt a little.  Afterwards, though, I felt a great and comforting relief that I had food coming soon and that it would keep coming every week for a bunch of months.

What does this fairy mean now? Well, a friend got this fairy one day and said “I don’t get food from a farm but I totally get her.  She reminds me to accept my ‘lot in life’.” 

It’s true, with a CSA you don’t know what you’re going to get. One week there might be lots of carrots. And, yes, you might have to get inventive with all the rutabagas you start to accumulate.

That’s the challenge of this fairy. 

How can you move forward embracing all that you have?  The good, wonderful stuff and the big, monthly car payment.  Or the difficult family situation. Or personal ailment.

 You play an instrument.  Draw a little picture.  Take a walk in nature

And allow yourself time to become unworried and unhurried and released from doing into being.

Go on, enjoy being you!

Have Fun!

Emily and the Bluebird Fairies

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