Welcome to the Bluebird Blog


When my father died in July many years ago my family wandered around the house.  It was so hot.  I felt the heat holding us all- Mother, Brothers, Sister-in-law, niece and nephew and our funny little dog Henry.  One day we sat down and drew pictures.  My picture was a big pink guy waving from a pretty green landscape.  My mother hung the picture up on the closet door in the hall of our house.  Everyone who came in the front door was greeted by it. For years.

After that all my art projects ended up being about my father.  Long tunnels into the secrets of his life.  I was trying to get out of the clouds they had left for me.

My work has taken a big turn.  Now I start from me and work upwards.  Last year to introduce my Fairy Project to the Burlington Art Hop crowds I painted a huge fairy.  When I stepped back from it  I laughed.  It was my dad with wings.  Cheering us all ever upwards.

Thank you for this moment.

Take care and please smile often.