Bluebird Fairy Card Readings:  One-on-one consultations with Emily Anderson range from 15-30 minutes in duration. People select 3 cards and Emily guides a reflective dialogue.  People leave with a deeper sense of who they are and what matters to them. People enjoy Emily’s ability to establish a warm and genuine connection and to have fun with life’s challenges.  $15-30/each.  To schedule a consultation please contact Emily.

The Bluebird Fairy Oracle Deck was created by Artist-Inspirationalist, Emily Anderson.  Seven years ago Emily was inspired to draw her “Demons” using her non dominant hand.  The process of naming, drawing and searching within herself for “antidotes” to address the demons had uplifting results in her life.  When she was inspired to draw fun, lighthearted “Fairies” she gave them names and short inspirational messages.  Once gathered together into a deck of 63 cards they instantly became a tool for insight and self change.

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Emily really knows how to listen. She really knows how to be in the present moment and just give her best supportive ears. And believe me, her ears are really good ones.
— –Recipient of a Fairy Consultation

Dear Emily,

I am writing from Mexico.  Our son and his love have a pack of your fairy cards. Every morning they draw and set one up. The day we arrived they had just hung up replacement hummingbird feeder to  enhance their bird friends. And the next card they drew was the fairy of bird relationships. They love the practice. 

Gracias por todo. 

Sharyl and Peter