The Bluebird Fairy

Hello Friends of Bluebird Fairies,

I hope you're doing well.

Since some of you are still new to my story I decided to take a moment to share this version of the Bluebird story with you. 

At Art Hop this story was hand written on a big piece of green paper and hung so people passing through our studio could read it at their leisure. When I got started writing it my many prepared words needed to be whittled down. I like the result.

Bluebird Fairy.jpg


"Thank you for stopping in! My name is Emily Anderson.

Three years ago I exhibited these fairies for the first time to see how people would respond to them.  I also wanted to see if I could talk about my personal process for making them and not feel silly.   So far so good!

It's important to know that all my drawings are created with my non-dominant hand.  I feel this allows me to be better at accurately naming and illustrating what I'm feeling. It also relieves me of needing to do it 'perfect.'

The work started with naming and drawing the difficult things in my life which I called "Demons."

Here are some of the early ones:

The key to the 'demon work' was realizing an 'antidote' to the demon needed to be thought of and written down next to it.  This diminishes its power immediately. This positive step led me to drawing 'fairies". I'd think of something that had helped me during the day.  Sometimes it was something someone said.  Sometimes it was a feeling or a moment.  Here are few fairies:

63 of my fairies are now in a deck I use to do Fairy Card Readings.  These are conversations based on 3 cards you randomly pick from a deck.  They don't tell the future; they center you in your positive present.  People use the decks for their personal daily practices too!

Upcoming Bluebird Fairy things??

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So, there's a bit of the story.  I still draw every day and know it makes such a difference in my life.  

I hope you can take time to connect in with yourself whether in a quiet space inside a nice building or out in nature sometime soon.

Much LOVE to all of you!!

Emily and the Bluebird Fairies


Magic Green Dream Books

Dear Friend of Bluebird Fairies,

I'm hoping you're finding joy in each of your days.

Here's a fun new fairy and a story to go with her:  

Fairy64.Dream Book.png

The 'Fairy of Magic Green Dream Books' comes from a mistake that turned into a fun happening. These are some of my most favorite things in life. Here's how this one went:

I tend to loose track of some of my necessary belongings. Keys. Wallet. Datebook. Those are the usual ones. I don't worry too much. Just retrace my steps and look a little deeper. I don't get too worried and definitely don't get mad at myself for this happens when my life is a little too busy.

It came to my mind last week when making an appointment with my boss that I did not have my datebook with me.  I then did not find it at home.  I did not find it at my studio.  A call came and a nice voice asked me if I was me.  "Yes, I am!"

It was a woman from a credit union.  It was one I'd been in the entrance of the night before when Brian used their ATM.  I'd seen a nice display of business cards.  Two posting ago I did an inspirational one about my business card.  Thinking mine would look nice up on the board I rooted around in my big tote bag to find one.

Apparently I pulled my green date book out and by accident left it on the little counter beneath the bulletin board.

When the head teller of the credit union found it she related to me on the phone, "I opened it, saw it was a date book and found a whole bunch of fairy drawings on index cards. I went back to the entry way to find any clues to who you might be and found your business card hanging up. Your web site led me to you."

I thanked her.  Later that day I popped in to pick up my book.  A woman saw me enter, picked up my book and handed it to me.  It was my new friend; the head teller.  We had a nice laugh over the exchange and she said "The evening I found your book we employees had just completed a group activity to give us inspiration. The leaders gave us all green 'dream' books.  When I saw your green book in the entry way I thought it was one of those." 

I thanked her for transforming my date book into a dream book and took her business card.

She's going to share 'The Fairy of Magic Green Dream Books' with her co-workers. 

And I'm sharing her with you. 

I feel strongly that as we enter deeply into autumn it's time to write our dreams.  Then they'll manifest through winter and start growing.  

Brian and I are locating pretty places for inspirational planning time. 

Find the time.  Find the inspirational places.

Have fun!!!

All the best!

Emily and the Bluebird Fairies

p.s. The drawing for the September Arts Riot Truck Stop Raffle took place 3 days ago.  The winner is Chris D.  She won the fairy deck.  Congratulations to her and thank you ALL for participating.  There will be more raffles and I'm always here with Fairy Decks for you and much more.

New Ways!

Hello Friends of Bluebird Fairies,

A few weeks ago my Mother turned eighty. Now Brian and I are dog sitting while she boats around Venice, Italy. 

Every day Brian and I pick a 'Fairy of the Day' from the Bluebird Fairy Deck. Since Lilli-Kate is with us we're letting her join us in this ritual. Today both she and I received this fairy:

Postitive Words of the Robin.JPG

This fairy always reminds me of my friend Robyn and all of the wonderful things she does for Bluebird Fairies.  

It also brings back the memory of when I drew it. I'd just moved into the country to take care of a beautiful round house.  I was nervous about being there. What helped calm me was reading about the signs of nature that revealed themselves. It was spring and robins lived on the front porch.  Ted Andrew's, in his book Animal-Speak, writes of the robin inspiring people to find 'new ways' of being.

Receiving the "Fairy that speaks the positive words of the Robin" today encouraged me to ask what 'new way's I can incorporate into my life. I immediately thought of the awesome horoscope that Rob Brezsny gave to Scorpios for the next 3 weeks. He ends it suggesting we be a "connoisseur of self-respect and self-healing." 

Aren't I already doing this?  I have to admit, no. So, I'm glad I got a fairy to encourage this new way.  

What 'new ways' can you add to your life?   

Wishing you all the best!


Emily and the Bluebird Fairies

wise woman.JPG

"Be Your Business Card"

Dear Friends of Bluebird Fairies,

I hope this blog posting finds you in good spirits.

What does "Be Your Business Card" mean?

Last weekend along with hundreds of other women I attended Senator Leahy's Women's Economic Opportunity Conference down at the technical college in Randolph. As always, it was inspirational. The keynote was Mary Alice McKenzie. The end of the day activity consisted of stories by Vermonters that inspire us to "Change the Story" around economic equity for women.

In the middle of the day there were many, many workshops.  As a young business owner, I attended one called "Pitching Your Story."  

Right off the bat, the instructor said "Please do not pick a business name that you have to explain." Immediately my inner dialogue turned on and I decided to transform my business name of "Bluebird Fairies" into something that says what I do.  "Be Happy" was all I could come up with. 

At one point during my inner mulling, I thought about how much I like my tag line of "Earnest Little Drawings that Help You Do BIG THINGS"

My inner dialogue started to sing.  

Then I heard the instructor say. "Basically you have to BE your business card."  

I thought of the figure on my card and inside I implored earnestly.   "YES!  I can be my business card!"

Here he is:

Business Card.jpg

(P.S.  There's actually two.  The other one is a woman with flowing hair who says "Ta Da".  I can be her too!)

After the workshop I had several conversations with people.  They'd look at my name tag and say "Bluebird Fairies, What's that?" And I'd brighten up with my big smile and say "Oh, they're earnest little drawings that help you do big things." And then our conversation would take off. Now, back in my 'day job' or at home feeling overwhelmed with chores I take moments to "Be My Business Card" and, well, it all gets better. 

It is in these times of SO MUCH we must connect in with ourselves and love what is HERE in the NOW.

Have fun,

Emily and the Bluebird Fairies

Thank you everyone who came out to visit us at the South End Art Hop.  I was so happy to meet so many people interested or intrigued with what I'm doing with these 'earnest drawings' I make with my 'other hand'.

E and K.jpg

My final moments of Art Hop 2017 were spent with my dear friend Kathleen.